About Me

Hello! I am a counselor and licensed social worker who has a passion for serving children and families. I grew up in Nashville, TN, but moved overseas to the Black Forest of Germany at the age of fifteen where I spent three years of my teenage life. I have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work and have experience counseling children, teens, and families experiencing a variety of life challenges and transitions.

As someone who has lived cross-culturally as a teen and as an adult, I understand the specific and unique challenges that people face when living outside of their “home culture.” I also know that finding support can be a major difficulty for individuals and families living overseas. Professional counseling from someone who understands these specific challenges is vital. I believe in giving people a safe space to talk about and explore their emotions, as well as providing helpful tools and coping skills for making overseas life work well.

Although I work with individuals of all ages and life experiences, my specialization is in work with children and adolescents, as well as the treatment of trauma.

I currently reside in Malaga, Spain and enjoy the sun, relaxed lifestyle, and spending time with my family and dog Joey, who assists me in my counseling role.